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We want you to re-live the simple,
genuine feelings of a Sunday lunch at your grandmother’s.

Le Cirque Florence is an unforgettable experience in taste, colours, scents, music … engaging all of your senses on a journey beginning from our French-Italian tradition or, as we like to call it the Tuscan-Provençal one, in the conviction that it is necessary to “have classical knowledge in order to innovate.”
That feeling of when we were children and waited all week long for Sunday to arrive, with its simple, familiar rituals. Today we combine those elements together into something new, with a “shabby” touch, a lavender blossom where you usually find a daisy. This detail is us, simplicity combined with great creativity.

Jerry Ruffilli

I have many years of experience in this field, first as a very young DJ then afterwards as a Bartender, Sommelier and then Maître. I am also proud of the fact that as a young man, I was the assistant cook in Los Angeles at the Italian Trattoria “Gino’s” where perhaps it all started.

I have travelled far and wide both in the kitchen as well as in commercial experiences; from major Italian catering services for dinners and events, including some of the greatest organizers and wedding planners worldwide to the fashion world, doing cocktail parties and trendy events.

While I am a marketing and communications expert, my real passion is the Art of Cooking.

As the founding owner of Le Cirque Firenze, my experience is at your service with ideas, new menus, exotic Provençal and northern European essences, then decorative styles, wines … ask me and I will fulfil your dreams, as the concept of « impossible » doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I consider myself a “crazy dreamer” and everything is do-able; come with me, we will have fun!

Catering is like the Circus, and like the Circus goes into a village, erects its big top, performs its show and then dismantles everything and goes away; Catering does the same as it arrives at the location, sets up its show, then dismantles everything and goes away.
Who does Catering is a little bit like a circus performer of food service.

Jerry Ruffilli

Big Top

Worldwide the “Big Top” is the “circus tent”, meaning the show place but also where there is the very life and soul of the circus. Le Cirque’s “Big Top” is our headquarters, our offices, our kitchen, our welcome to a place characterized by colourful curtains and cosy armchairs, exquisitely seasoned with our distinctive French flavour.

We expect you to put yourself at the centre of our “Big Top” and it is our desire to take care of you in the best way possible.

Dream with us and remember: “A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers” (Gertrude Beese).



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